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Now that you’ve zipped your way through the first dozen levels, it’s time to keep the momentum going! If these new sections are giving your problems, here you will find all the help you need to get the right level 13 answers. This portion of the game features many famous people and iconic images from movies & TV shows. While there are a few icons that are challenging, there is one in particular that may stump you. Don’t worry if you need to use up a few of your saved hints or look at the walkthrough for the solution.

Tip: Some users report that the images for one or two questions on this level are different on Android phones and tablets than they are on the iPhone and iPad. If you run into something that doesn’t match, look for the number in the red logo at the top of your game screen, match this with the number on the screen shots below and you will see the right solution. Fortunately, these are few and far between!

Here are the correct answers to icons 446-488:

Now you’re rocking, time to move forward to test your brain with a whole new set of brand, character, and celebrity puzzles! Check back soon for more guides and cheats coming this week.

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